The Startup Code 2015: Secrets To Marketing Your Tech Startup In A Noisy World - Session 2

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Event Organizers / Presenters: Andrew Percey, Kenny Goodman

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"Build it and they will come" is the deadly assumption of many startups. It’s one of the biggest reasons that 80% fail before their second birthday. According to The New York Times, we get exposed to around 5,000 sales and marketing messages every day. We live in a very noisy world full of established businesses and hungry startups all fighting for the same precious customer eyeballs. This is why your business needs to STAND OUT if you want it to survive and thrive. In this highly-focused, information-rich marketing seminar for tech startups you will learn how to:

- Increase your probability of success by choosing the right markets
- Fully engage prospects by understanding the heartbeat of your audience
- See what's working for your competitors with a deep (yet ethical) spying mission
- Differentiate your business by uniquely positioning your products and services
- Create an effective business presence both online and offline
- Produce a website designed to convert prospects into customers
- Generate the right prospect traffic at the right pace
- Quickly engender the critical trust required in order to make sales

The seminar will be presented by Kenny Goodman, tech startup founder and business coach, and Andrew Percey, MIT ’95, MNG ’96, founder of Prometheus Internet Marketing and advisor to the MIT Venture Mentoring Service (VMS). It will last 60 minutes with Kenny and Andrew available afterwards for additional questions. There will be a limited number of seats for this exclusive presentation, so be sure to arrive early.

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