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“Andrew and team are responsive, informative, detail-oriented and simply get it… ”

Andrew Percey - Agency Founder

Andrew Percey

Agency Founder

John Chilkotowsky - Account Manager

John Chilkotowsky

Account Manager

Damien Pieczara - Campaign Specialist

Damien Pieczara

Campaign Specialist

Paolo Mendonca - Campaign Specialist

Paolo Mendonca

Campaign Specialist

Cian Murphy - Campaign Specialist

Cian Murphy

Campaign Specialist

Each account is managed by a team of 3 Google Ads Certified Partners:
Account Manager Icon

Account Manager

Your main point of contact and partner in forming your Google Ads strategy and tracking performance against your objectives. Always available by phone or email.
Campaign Specialist Icon

Campaign Specialist

Highly analytical Google Ads expert. Responsible for data-driven campaign optimization within the Google Ads account.
Agency Founder Icon

Agency Founder

Andrew personally reviews your Google Ads account to ensure your performance targets are being met. He supports your team whenever needed. He is also available to you by phone or email.

4 Reasons to Choose Prometheus

“Prometheus implemented a thorough and analytics driven plan to methodically improve each and every aspect of our Google Ads campaigns...”

Reasons to choose Prometheus 1

1. Google Ads is all we do.

We’re not interested in being Jacks-of-all-trades. We live and breathe one thing: Google Ads. If you need a broad marketing program, you’ll want to contact someone else. If you need the best Google Ads specialists around, contact Prometheus.

We’ll bring you more high-value leads and sales with our Search, Shopping and Remarketing campaigns. We’ll build your brand and reach with our Display, Video and App campaigns. And we’ll optimize your website for Google Ads by working with your web team or introducing you to one of our outstanding partner web design agencies.

Reasons to choose Prometheus 2

2. We follow a rigorous, highly analytical system – tailored to your business.

To ensure optimal results with minimum waste we follow a proven system. We use a set of invaluable tools (Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Adalysis, SEMRush, CallRail, …) that we’ve integrated with our proprietary suite of internally developed strategies, checklists and analysis scripts. This approach combines Google Ads best practices with our years of data-driven marketing experience and success.

We provide you with monthly reports that highlight measurable progress against your specific business objectives, not just pages of charts and data. You’ll see the precise ROI you’re getting for your Google Ads investment. This keeps all of us focused on what matters most.

Our system delivers predictable high-value lead generation and e-commerce sales year after year. And, importantly, we’ve built it to be customizable for the unique needs of your business. We have many tools, but cookie cutters aren’t among them!

Reasons to choose Prometheus 3

3. We win your loyalty with results on our part, not commitments on your part.

We work to earn your business every month, which is why our contracts are month-to-month.

You keep ownership of all accounts. In fact, we insist upon it. We appreciate that you entrust us with access to your accounts for as long as you choose to do so.

We charge a flat monthly fee. You never need to worry about a meter running! If we need to put in more work to meet your business objectives… that’s on us, not on you.

4. You benefit from our founder’s business experience, skills and training.

Andrew Percey...

Earned B.S. and M.Eng. degrees in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from MIT in Cambridge, MA, and holds 8 U.S. patents

He knows technology

Spent 14 years in Silicon Valley including 5 years managing engineering teams and 6 years managing marketing teams

He knows project management

Won 8 public speaking awards, hosted a podcast, writes a blog, and has presented 11 marketing seminars (and counting) at MIT

He knows communication

Founded his own marketing agency in 2012 and has been running it full-time ever since

He knows business

Helped over 100 established businesses and MIT startups to gain new leads and sales online with Google Ads, including his own

He knows Google Ads

Personally trains and supervises all Prometheus PPC Account Managers and Campaign Specialists

You’ll be in great hands!

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We take care of it all for you, so you can focus on the rest of your business!

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