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See Which Business Offers Resonate with Google Ads Prospects

Once you’ve brought good prospects to your website, how do you get them to take action? Learn the right ways to split-test landing page offers for Google Ads visitors. And learn how to determine test winners correctly by using statistical significance tools.

Advanced Google Ads Strategies for Construction Companies

Prometheus PPC has directed Google Ads strategies for construction companies throughout the U.S. since 2016. In this post we’ll share 3 advanced Google Ads strategies tailored to the construction industry that we’ve used to successfully maximize revenue and ROI.

Create Marketing That Engages Google Ads Prospects

Find out which messaging resonates with your Google Ads prospects through well-planned ad testing. Test your offers, actions and competitive differentiators. Test facts vs. emotions. And test it all even if your website isn’t ready yet!

Learn What Your Google Ads Prospects Search For

Learn what your prospects actually search for in Google using a very handy tool. The results are often quite different from what you’d expect. But effective advertising requires matching your language to your prospects’ language, even when they’re wrong!

Find Your Google Ads Search Volume

Determine whether your prospect volume on Google Ads will be too small… or too large! Learn the tools to use to predict Google Ads search volume and how to target the right size advertising market for your business.

What is Google Ads and Why Use it?

Learn the basics of Google Ads, the world’s largest online advertising platform, and see ad examples. See how it compares to traditional media, SEO and Facebook, and why to use it throughout the launch and growth of your business.

Grow your Business with Google Ads

Learn 5 ways to grow your business with Google Ads: Find online prospect volume, what prospects search for, which marketing messages engage, which business offers resonate, and how to stand out from your competitors.

Don’t Miss Out on Google Ads Conversions!

Implementing Google’s new “Global Site Tag” and associated “Event snippet” will ensure that your Google Ads conversion information continues to be as complete as possible. These scripts are now required for all new conversion actions.

Google Pushes Business Websites to Use HTTPS (SSL)

Google has been promoting the adoption of HTTPS. A new Chrome browser change will hurt your business website if you don’t take action. This is especially important if you are paying for leads with Google AdWords or other PPC channels.

What the Big Changes to Google AdWords Mean for You

Google just announced the biggest changes to AdWords in 15 years. With over half of all Google searches now occurring on mobile, they’re rolling out the next phase of their “mobile-first” strategy. Are you ready? Start rewriting those ads!