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Google Pushes Business Websites to Use HTTPS (SSL)

Google has been promoting the adoption of HTTPS. A new Chrome browser change will hurt your business website if you don’t take action. This is especially important if you are paying for leads with Google AdWords or other PPC channels.

Kill the Rotating Banner… If You Want New Customers

Few website features are as popular as rotating banners. But if your website goal is effective lead generation, then rotating banners have many small problems and one HUGE problem. Don’t sacrifice your online lead generation for a pretty banner.

How to NOT Overwhelm (and Lose) Your Website Visitors

Overwhelmed visitors = lost visitors. You may be in love with your content, but visitors will NOT take the time to rummage through your filing cabinet of a website to find what they want. Here are 3 steps to keep your visitors happy and engaged.

Use Google AdWords and Never Fear ‘Mobilegeddon’

Mobile-friendly web pages will now appear higher in search results when a user performs a search on a mobile device. Is your business website ready? Can Google AdWords save your bacon and get your business found?

The 3 Keys to Google AdWords Landing Pages (and Successful AdWords Campaigns!)

If you want to create successful Google AdWords landing pages, and be able to run successful AdWords ad campaigns, then you need these 3 essential keys.

Stop Being a Wandering Generality. It’s Time to Go Niche.

When you have the courage to specialize, your business becomes vastly easier. Here’s why. And how to do it.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Conversion Optimization

Do you want to convert more website visitors into customers? Here is how to perform effective conversion optimization for your business website.

Should You Separate Your Blog from Your Website?

Should you separate your blog from your website? Or would they be happier together? There are good reasons to separate your blog from your website, and there are good reasons to integrate them. Choose the best approach for your business.

How to Create the Best Home Page for Your Business Website

The best home page converts your targeted prospects into paying customers. If your home page isn’t doing that, then your business is really missing out.